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Your customised request

There are different parameters that determine the cost of a translation, proofreading or interpreting service. These include technicality, the language combination and the timeframe within which the service must be provided.

Typically, paper-based work is charged on a per-word basis, and interpreting services are charged on a half-day basis (or on a daily basis, depending on requirements). 

That said, every project is different and adjustments are sometimes necessary. I always try to make the best possible tailor-made proposal according to the parameters of your projects. This is why it is important that you include as much technical and contextual information as possible in your request. Of course, should any information be missing, I will make sure to contact you.

I would like to request a quote

Many thanks for your request! I look forward to getting back to you as soon as possible.

Let's meet

It is always a pleasure for me to have direct contact with you. If you are in the Pays d'Auge, we can meet in person (I may also be available in the Paris area). 


A virtual meeting is of course possible, wherever you are. 

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